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If you are ever interested in exercising, and have been browsing the net thinking about getting stronger or getting in shape, the chances are that you have seen suspended exercisers with straps, and wondered what they are doing.

This popular form of exercise is called the TRX system, aka the ‘Total Resistance Exercise’. It was first developed by a former US Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick who was eager to find an alternative to the classic push-ups for training. 14 years after retiring from the NAVY, and developing other alternative workouts, he managed to gain the attention of professionals, personal trainers , and investors, and established the TRX system as we know it today. Shortly after that, his line of training equipment started to sell worldwide.

Generally, a TRX practitioner will suspend a part of their body above the floor; and therefore, by leaning toward or backward from the straps resistance and destabilization is built. The set up is pretty easy and all is needed is anchoring the designed straps  to a solid spot such as a door frame, typical gym machines, and so on; and then base on the kind of exercise, then based on the focus of the exercise, you will either hold the straps by hands or feet, and the leanings begin.

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While the preparation is quite simple and you can do the set-up almost anywhere (like in gyms, homes, yards, hotel rooms, even outside) and enjoy the workout whenever you desire, the challenge for the body is remarkable. TRX makes you lose your balance and leaves you no choice but to adjust via engaging your midsection, back, shoulders, and hips, in order to keep the control during the movements.

In addition to its fast and effective total-body workouts, TRX offers a significant advantage. It suits individuals coming from different levels of fitness level, from pro athletes to seniors! You may doubt this argument, but you need to know that the trick is that when doing TRX moves, you are in charge of the amount of challenge. Plus, because of the suspension feature of TRX, it generally has low impact, and therefore, gives exercisers s a comfortable experience of working out without undergoing unnecessary risks (specially if there are pre existing injuries).

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The role of a Personal TRX Trainer

With innumerable exercise types within the TRX system, choosing right TRX workouts based on one’s body facts, can be a daunting task. A qualified personal TRX trainer can select the exact TRX moves which facilitate achieving your desired goals to a great extent. Besides, the personal trainers can observe and deliver feedback on your moves to make them as effective as possible.

Our network will give you the advantage of finding out the best TRX personal trainer according to your geographical, individual, and any other factors.

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